23rd June, “Olympic Day” Special: Retired Olympian Rehan Poncha to Mentor Young Swimming Aspirants

Taking part in Olympics and giving back something to the Sport is every athlete’s privilege in life. This privilege has dawned on Mr. Rehan Poncha, a 5 time Indian Swimming Champion who competed in the Beijing Olympics Games in 2008.

On this Olympic Day this year, Rehan Poncha, whose passion is to work with the aspiring swimmers, has planned to conduct a workshop at the Otters Club in Mumbai with an intention of mentoring and coaching young athletes who are preparing for their National Championship.

After taking retirement from competitive swimming four years ago, Rehan has poured his heart and soul into inspiring the next generation of Indian swimmers.

Here is what Rehan Poncha says “Even though I do not swim competitively anymore, I love to stay in touch with the sport and give back in any way I can. Working with swimmers and helping them realise their dreams gives me tremendous happiness. My advice to them is to always make friends with the water and it will give you back tenfold. I ask them to enjoy what they do whilst in pursuit of their goals.”

He also adds to say “The lessons I have learnt from my lifetime in sport are priceless, character traits such as discipline, self-inquiry and resilience have been built in me through my swimming. I think the great lesson swimming taught me is to always keep trying, no matter how many times you fail at achieving your goals. It also taught me that success is never final - and the learning never ends!  Swimming and my achievements in the pool continue to benefit me in my work life today and the children see this when I work with them. They therefore realise the value that sport gives me and wish to emulate it in their own way.”

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