FINA Proposes New Swimming Events for 2020 Tokyo Olympics

FINA’s proposal to add 10 more swimming events to 2020 Tokyo Olympics takes the total number of events to 44.

The final say is at the Olympic program by the International Olympic Committee.

The proposed added events are:

  • Women’s 1500m freestyle
  •  Men’s 800m freestyle
  • Two mixed relays (4x100m freestyle, 4x100m medley)
  • Men’s and women’s 50m backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly

Some of the aquatic sports proposed by FINA for the upcoming Olympics are:

  1. Diving
  • To increase the number of divers from one-hundred thirty-six (136) to one-hundred sixty (160)
  • To have twelve (12) Synchro Teams qualified for the finals
  1. Synchronized Swimming
  • To increase the number of participating nations from eight (8) to twelve (12) in the Team Event
  • To add the Mixed Duet Event with twelve (12) duets, that is 24 athletes
  1. Open-Water Swimming
  • To increase the number of swimmers from twenty-five (25) Men and twenty-five (25) Women to thirty-five (35) Men and thirty-five (35) Women
  1. Water Polo
  • To increase from eight (8) to twelve (12) Women’s teams but by adding four (4) additional athletes only
  • Existing – total two-hundred sixty (260) players – 12 Men’s Teams x 13 players and 8 Women’s Teams x 13 players)
  • New proposal – total two hundred sixty-four (264) players for twenty-four (24) Teams (12 Women’s Teams x 11 Players and 12 Men’s Teams x 11 players).
  1. High Diving
  • To include High Diving as an extreme sport, where Men dive from a 27m platform and Women from a 20m platform, with a total number of thirty (30) divers (15 Men and 15 Women)

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