India SWIMS Among the 6 to Win Inaugural Service to Society Grants by World Olympian Association

India SWIMS is awarded the World Olympians Association’s Inaugural Service to Society Grants scheme. It’s one of the six projects across the world to be selected for this programme.

The projects are selected from Australia, Colombia, Estonia, India, Malaysia and Zimbabwe and they will receive US$5,000 as running cost. India SWIMS is an Olympian-led water safety education programme that seeks to promote awareness around water safety in India, an initiative of Olympians Association of India (OAI).

The main focus of the programme is to empower Olympians to deliver projects that align to the promotion of the Olympic Values, Olympic Agenda 2020 and the activities of the Olympic Movement. This aim was launched officially in the month of November last year.

In India, approximately 75,000 of people die by drowning which is 20% of world drowning incidents every year hence OAI considered it as a major need and decided to unroll the message which helps to prevent the drowning across the country.

The water-safety awareness programme will be led by Olympian Hakimuddin Habibulla who initiated the idea. It will create the awareness in children across the country about water safety through the water-safety information kits that include water safety posters and placards for display on pool decks, messages from Olympian swimmers, water-safety guidelines for students to swim clubs and schools with swimming pools.

Olympians Nisha Millet and Gagan Ullalmath who represented India in Sydney 2000 and London 2012 Olympics respectively are also part of this programme.

The 6 successful Inaugural Service to Society Grants recipients are:

  • Australian Olympians Association - Meet with a champ
  • Colombia Olympic Committee Athletes’ Commission and Colombian Olympians Association- Olympians against violence
  • Estonian Olympians Association - Olympics for Schools
  • Olympians Association of India - India SWIMS
  • Malaysian Olympians Association - Lighthouse Children’s Home
  • Zimbabwe Olympians Association -  Olympians Education Fund

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