Karnataka State Government Says No to Outsource Maintenance of Swimming Pools

The Minister for Youth Empowerment and Sports Pramod Madhwaraj said that the Swimming Pools will be maintained and operated by the state government in the coming days.

The practice of outsourcing the operation and maintenance of the pool would be put to halt as the Youth Empowerment and Sports Department can increase the revenue by operating the swimming pools.

The minister recited an instance where the contractor would pay Rs. 34,000 per month to the department. Since April this year the department is managing the pool and earning a profit of Rs.8 lakh every month.

The minister admitted that the major problem that the department is facing is the shortage of coaches and so has initiated steps to appoint 100 coaches this year.


Madhwaraj said the government-owned facility will have equal rights to everybody who wishes to use it.  “However, the department will not allow private coaches and sports clubs to take it for a ride. We have received complaints that they (private coaches and sports clubs) are charging exorbitant fees from people. We will not allow them to take people for a ride,” he warned.

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