Nisha Millet's Swimming Academy to Renovate the Kensington Swimming Pool in Ulsoor, Bengaluru, After 9 Years

The Kensington Swimming Pool located in the Ulsoor lake area of Bengaluru reopens after being out of use for nearly 9 years.

Nisha Millet’s Swimming Academy has received a contract by the Department of Youth Empowerment of Sports (DYES) to run the daily operations. The pool will be open for public at nominal charges and Nisha Millet’s Swimming academy will also hold swimming classes for adults and children.

The green pool water raised a few concerns but Nisha explained, “we were handed over the maintenance responsibilities today. We will start work immediately. The pool will be fully operational in a few days. Lifeguards will be trained and recruited soon.”

The duration of the contract handed over to Nisha Millet’s Academy is two years, with the option of extending the term by one year.

Pramod Madhwaraj, State Minister for Fisheries, Youth Services, and Sports, stated, “This pool was established in 1970, but in recent years, it has been in a very bad state. We have renovated it at a cost of Rs. 2.9 crore. There cannot be a better person than Nisha to do this job. Every month, her academy will pay DYES a fee of Rs. 50,000.”

This is the very pool where Olympians like Nisha Millet and S.H. Hakimuddin started their competitive swimming career in 1987. Other star swimmers who trained here were Meghana Narayan, Loraine Verghese, Punita Gupta, Sangita Rao, Darshana Rajaram, and the Shetty sisters — Sajini and Ashima and Shikha Tandon.

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