Play Fair - Know the Substances that are Banned!

Competition has always been about that extra cutting edge and doping has always been an easy opportunity to win and how!


  1. 18-19th century: Greek athletes were found to drink various wine and brandy concoctions, eat hallucinogenic seeds and mushrooms (Yesalis C, Bahrke M, 2002).
  2. Will you take the banned drug, if it promises Olympic success but can kill you in coming five years?: 50% athletes said ‘yes’ in a research carried out by Goldman often referred to as ‘Goldman Dilemma’
  3. In swimming: Doping has been prevalent since ancient times (Prokop, 1970)
  4. Until Rio: Many Russian swimmers have been repeatedly tested positive and about 27 swimmers from Russia have been serving a doping ban as of 2015.
  5. Michael Phelps spoke at a congressional sub-committee hearing on anti-doping and stated that, “I don’t believe I have stood up at an international competition and the rest of the field has been clean”.

Why you shouldn’t dope!

The governing organizations such as the WADA, NCAA and IOC have listed a group of substances to be banned completely, during competition, in specific sports for a reason. The deleterious effects of consuming these substances are way more than the performance benefits. For example, steroids and hormones can improve muscle strength, but repeated use can harm the heart, liver, reproductive system and May even cause sudden death (UNESCO).

The 2017 World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) prohibited substances & methods

From Jan 2017, the WADA list has been active and prevents the use of substances and methods. The list is available from: WADA Prohibited List 2017

Performance enhancing substances: What is not banned?

Caffeine (not exceeding 12 mg/L in urine)- IOC, Creatine, B-alanine, protein and amino acid supplements, multivitamin, multi-mineral, sports drinks, electrolyte drink, glucosamine, Carnitine, sports bars and gels (SAI)


  1. In case of medical conditions and mandate consumptions of medications that may in part contain any substances that are banned, make sure to report to the NADA and fill the Therapeutic Use Exemptions form
  2. Ensure that the non banned performance enhancing substances that you use are purchased by an authentic dealer.

Sport is about winning, as long as that win is true and fair. Training, nutrition and your will to succeed will always continue to be core determinants of performance. There is no alternative to hard work.

Author: Mihira A R Khopkar

B.Sc. Dietetics, M.Sc. Sports Nutrition


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