Results of the 1st BISC Swimming Competition 2017-18, Bengaluru

The BIS (Bangalore Inter Club Swimming) Committee is organising the 1st BISC Swimming Competition for non-medalists on 29th July 2017 at Dolphin Aquatics, Bengaluru

The meet is conducted for Group III and IV swimmers.

BISC is an excellent opportunity for young and upcoming swimmers of all swim centres and clubs to showcase their talents.


Start List

Complete Results

1. Date: 29th July 2017

2. Venue: Dolphin Aquatics, J P Park, Mathikere, Bangalore

3. Timing:  Evening 4.00pm onwards, Events will start at 4.30 pm

4. Registration Fees:

5. Entry Fee: Rs. 150 /- for swimmer

6. Note:

  1. Swimmers can register their names through affiliated clubs
  2. Swimmers who are not associated to any clubs, please send your entry details - Name, DOB, Events details, Phone number, Email ID, School/Club Name etc. to 
  3. Entries should be sent within 27thJuly 2017
  4. The registration is confirmed only after  verification by the organisers


  1. GROUP III: Born between 2005-2006 (11 & 12 years)
  2. GROUP IV: Born between 2007-2008 (9 & 10 years) 


Freestyle Backstroke Breaststroke Butterfly Individual Medley
GROUP III 50m ,100m 50m 50m 50m 200m
GROUP IV 50m ,100m 50m 50m 50m

For more information contact Mr. Rohith @ +91 98444 62077

9. Criteria for Participation

  1. Swimmers will not be allowed to take part if he/she is a medallist in an individual event at any State, Zonal, National and International meet conducted by Karnataka Swimming Association (KSA), Swimming Federation of India (SFI), School Federation / Department of Youth Services & Sports (DYSS) ICSE and CBSE boards till the date of the competition.
  2. The competition will be held according to the KSA Rules.
  3. Swimmers participating in the meet may represent only through their Affiliated Club.
  4. Entry Fees of Rs. 150/- for swimmer shall be paid through cash at event location before 03:30 pm on same day.
  5. Swimmers who have won medals only in the relay events at the state championships are eligible to participate in this meet.
  6. Swimmers will be eligible to take part in a maximum of 3 events only.
  7. Events will be held only on “TIME FINALS” basis.
  8. Swimming events will be conducted with “ONE START” rule.
  9. The decision of the Referee is Final.
  10. The last date for the submission of the entry is 27th July 2017. Participation details have to be sent through our software invitation which is attached along with this circular.

10. Order of Events

1 200m Individual Medley III Boys
2 200m Individual Medley III Girls
3 100m Freestyle IV Boys
4 100m Freestyle IV Girls
5 100m Freestyle III Boys
6 100m Freestyle III Girls
7 50m Backstroke IV Boys
8 50m Backstroke IV Girls
9 50m Backstroke III Boys
10 50m Backstroke III Girls
11 50m Breaststroke IV Boys
12 50m Breaststroke IV Girls
13 50m Breaststroke III Boys
14 50m Breaststroke III Girls
15 50m Butterfly IV Boys
16 50m Butterfly IV Girls
17 50m Butterfly III Boys
18 50m Butterfly III Girls
19 50m Freestyle IV Boys
20 50m Freestyle IV Girls
21 50m Freestyle III Boys
22 50m Freestyle III Girls

Complete Meet Details

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