The 70th Glenmark Senior National Aquatic Championships 2016, Ranchi, Concludes with Karnataka Crowned as the Overall Champions

The fifth and the final day of the 70th Glenmark Senior National Aquatic Championships 2016, Ranchi, was a long wait for all.  The day of final declarations of championships had been an exciting and anxious one.

Highlights of Day 5:

  1. Today's exclusive interview was with Clive Rushton, the Technical Director, Glenmark Aquatic Foundation, a CSR initiative of Glenmark Pharmaceuticals.
    • He said the focus of GAF is to make a huge difference in profile and status of swimming in India.
    • "GAF works very closely with the Government. of India, with the Swimming Federation of India, towards the long term goal to change the ecosystem for an international success to happen in a completely significant and systematic basis."
    • "I was excited to be invited for joining GAF to contribute to bring about the change,"  said Rushton.
  2.  The swimmers swam in a whirlwind and set a total of 11 new national records and enormous medals in the championship. Results & Startlists
  3. Water polo and diving events took place alongside the swimming events at the venue. Water Polo Results
  4. The events concluded with two relay events. Relay Results
  5. Swimmers Madhu PS (SSCB) and Maana Patel (Gujarat) created New National Records.
  6. RSPB and Maharashtra retain their first two positions on the medal table.
  7. Gujarat beats Karnataka and grabs the third position on the medal table. Medal Table
  8. The Closing Ceremony began with the arrival of the Chief Guest of the evening and concluded with conveying the victorious trophies to the performers.
  9. The state of Karnataka reigns as the Overall Champion with 246 points.
  10. Present in the closing event were the Chief Guest, Shri Amar Kumar Bauri, Hon'ble Minister of Tourism, Arts & Culture & Sports,General Secretary of Jharkhand Swimming Association Shri S.K.Tiwari, Secretary Sports Shri Rahul Sharma, President of JSA Shri Ananth Sinha, Shri Kamlesh Nanavati, members of SFI & members of JSA.
  11. The volunteers and the organisers were honoured with a Vote of Thanks by General Secretary, Mr. S.K. Tiwari.
  12. Emotional chills, pride, overwhelming applauses enlivened the awards ceremony.
  13.  The prestigious National Anthem and astounding fireworks marked the end of the championships.

Overall Championship: Karnataka reigns as the Overall Champions with 246 points

Best Swimmers: The young Individual Champions who set the pool on fire with their stupendous performance are

  1. Men: Madhu P S (R.S.P.B) - 19 Points, 2- Gold,  1 -Silver and 2 - Records
  2. Women: Maana Patel (Gujarat) - 25 Points, 3 – Gold, 1-Bronze and 1 - Record

Swimming Team Championship

  1. Men: R.S.P.B - 175 Points
  2. Women: MAHARASHTRA  - 148 Points

Diving Team Championship

  1. Men: S.S.C.B - 33 Points
  2. Women: R.S.P.B  - 27 Points

Team Championships Waterpolo:


  1. R.S.P.B
  2. S.S.C.B
  3. Police


  1. Kerala
  2. Maharashtra
  3. Bengal
  4. Karnataka

Records: 2 New national records set on Day 4 of 70th Glenmark Senior National Aquatic Championships - 2016, Ranchi Records

Name State Event Timing
Madhu PS S.S.C.B. 50m Backstroke, Men 00:26.73
Maana Patel Gujarat 50m Backstroke, Women 00:29.89

Medals: The Medal Table on Day 4:

State Gold Silver Bronze Total
RSPB 16 4 3 23
Maharashtra 8 9 6 23
Gujarat 5 2 3 10

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