6 Simple Secrets to Outperform in Swim Meets

The declarations of swim meets bring with them the commencement of fast-tracked focused trainings revolving around the virtuous circle of speed, strength, endurance, drills and techniques to improve your strokes and recovery. Nonetheless, to feel and give your very best on the big day, a well-planned nutrition and mental readiness must never be disregarded.

While this remains as a continuing development for weeks and months before the meet, here are things every competitor would want to know when the meet is just around the corner.

  1. Arriving on Time:

  2. a. Whether getting to the place of event requires you to travel quite a lot or less, all arrangements pertaining to accommodation and travel are to be done away with, well in advance. Doing this, you reserve the days nearing the swim meet for attending to other essential details. Getting a fair idea of the location helps to get there without delay.

    b. Bear in mind the timings of the meet as it requires for the participants to arrive earlier than the commencement of the events to check in with the coach and to commence warm up procedures. It also helps you get familiar with the place, so you fret less by the time the events commence.

  3. Packing Supplies:

  4. Attending a swimming meet requires you to carry multiple essentials and stocking up your bag ahead of time. With the checklist you can be rest assured that none of the supplies miss out. Spare supplies also help in case of damage.



      c.Racing Suit

      d.Warm-up gear



      g.Water to drink

      h.Entertainment like Games, Cards or iPod for music to help you chill during the waiting period in between events.

      i.Sharpies to write the details of the events on arms.

      j.Chair and sun shade make optional choices, but are useful.

      k.Swimming-specific mobile apps that are designed to fit the necessities of swim meets with timers to record best timings, viewing live meet results, lane assignments etc. to facilitate parents, coaches and competitors during an event.

  5. Getting Abundant Sleep and Rest before the meet rejuvenates both body and mind. It is sensible enough to sleep early on the eve of the swim meet for a surefire way to boost performance.

  6. Eating Healthy and Eating Right:

  7. Eating healthy and right are two significant elements that have a direct effect on an athlete’s performance. Here’s an easy-to-follow chart on what to eat and when:

    a.The Night Before:Eat smart the night before, a dinner loaded with complex carbohydrates and protein. Avoid acidic foods like sauces and foods that are high in fat content. Complex carbs eliminate symptoms like fatigue, nausea and indigestion while providing stable energy for extended time period.

    Sources of moderate protein and complex carbs include whole grain pastas, brown rice and breads, pulses like chick pea, soy beans, lentils, a wide range of fruits and vegetables.

    b.On the Day of Meet: While anxiety might curb hunger on the day of the meet, having a nutritious breakfast of 500-1000 calories is a MUST to fuel energy for muscles.

    Though it is a well-known and established fact that the day of the meet requires competitors to eat a light breakfast, parents and swimmers must take into account to avoid foods containing processed sugars and all energy drinks, particularly those that are aerated.

    c.During the Meet: Drink plentiful water, healthy fluids like fruit juices or sports drinks to make up for the lost water from body. Carb-rich snacks like cereal bars, low-fat yoghurts or fruits are good-to-have energy sources.

    d.After the Meet: Recovery foods help reload the lost energy and fluids from the body. A total of about 400 to 700ml of fluids in the form of water, watery fruit juices or soups rehydrates. Eat a combination of rich carbohydrate and moderate protein sources within an hour of the meet.

  8. Being Optimistic:

  9. Envisioning the race and winning in it before meet has a direct effect on the performance. Mental training is an important aspect of training for a meet. Carrying a positive attitude to the pool is almost half winning the race!

  10. Relaxing:

  11. De-stress and relax for it is vital. Discover your own ways of relaxing, though generally pop music or any music of your choice is visibly helpful to overcome jitters.

    Remember, swimmers don’t need anyone to tell them that not winning is not the end of the world. All you need is a good preparation to give your best and make the most of it. That is what it takes to be a sportsperson, to BE SPORTIVE!

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