7 Popular Myths of Swimming You Thought Were True

The sport swimming, has found its way to become an integral fit into many homes and lifestyles. However, there still exist certain abstract beliefs that are often misleading. What are they?

Destroy the 7 Myths of Swimming with These Rewarding Facts

Whether you are a competitive swimmer or you’ve adopted swimming to experience its health benefits, these facts might turn out to be just for you!

Myth 1 - Swimming Keeps You Hydrated

Fact - Practicing the sport in water makes you as dehydrated as any other sport. While you may not find yourself sweating, swimming does make you sweat and thereby cause dehydration unless you counterbalance with plenty of water. Moreover, it is crucial to bear in mind not to wait till you thirst, as you are already dehydrating if you are thirsty. 

Myth 2 - Do Not Eat Before You Swim

Fact - Opposed to the well-known conception that swimming after having food isn’t advisable, there exists no evidence to back the myth. A light to moderate meal before swimming, instead, does good to your body.

Myth 3 - Drinking the Pool Water Is Not Harmful

Fact - A treated pool too has germs that might prove dangerous. Drinking the pool water during a swim, no matter how clean it appears, is best avoided.

Myth 4 - Swimmers Never Get Injured

Fact – Though swimming poses less threat to injury as compared to other sporting activities, swimming isn’t free of injuries too. Shoulder, hip, back and even knee injuries do occur among swimmers.

Myth 5 – Swimmers Scream and Kick While Drowning

Fact- If every drowning victim screamed and kicked, most of them could be saved from it. Conversely, drowning victims are mostly completely silent as they fight for breath in water. The dramatic scenes from movies are sure to deceive!

Myth 6 - Chlorine Disinfects the Pool

Fact – While chlorine treated pools might have relatively less microorganisms, however, chlorine does not completely disinfect the pool water. If you smell chlorine, don’t be certain it is clean and safe.

Myth 7 – Train Longer For Swimming Success

Fact – Overtraining, in terms of swimming continuously for several mighty laps isn’t the key to swimming success. Longer training hours is merely one of the several factors like speed, strength, endurance, mental readiness, goal setting, so on and so forth to achieve heightening success.

“False knowledge is more dangerous than ignorance.” So drive out doubts and swim carefree!

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