9 Insightful Points to Help You Choose the Best Summer Swimming Camps

The best summer swimming camps helps you to develop life skills and have life-long sweet cherished memories. You need to do the research work to know every aspect of the swimming camp, prior to the enrolment of your child or anyone, in any of these. It should be a combination of fun, care, safety and learning.
Here are the facets to be taken into account to enrol in a swimming camp

  1. Location of swimming pool: Always opt for a swimming summer camp around the location where you reside.
  2. The age group the swimming camp is entitled for: Match it with the age of your child.
  3. Have an idea about swimming camp: Search on internet. Read the reviews and comments. After that visit the pool and have an idea about the pool, conversing with the people already enrolled.
  4. Talk to the authorities: on the cleanliness, quality and safety parameters of the swimming pool. Summers is a time for fungal and bacterial diseases. And while swimming, inside water, you may be prone to many infections, especially skin, eyes and ear infections. Find an answer the following enquires:
    • Enquire whether the pools have sophisticated filtration systems, right chlorine level, and right pH level of the pool water.
    • The optimum pH level of pool water should be 7.4. A low pH- acidic pool water, causes irritation in the eyes and mucous membranes and a high pH- basic pool water, causes skin irritation.
    • The purpose of adding chlorine is to kill the infectious germs to prevent the swimmers from being infected. Only free chlorine attacks the infection causing microbes. The accurate level of free chlorine in the pool should be 0.5-1.5 ppm(mg/l). Know about the time when the chlorine is added to the pool. As in case of addition of chlorine in the morning under sunlight, it doesn’t kill the germs inside water.
  5. Know about the coach who is going to train your child for swimming. Converse with him. Coach should be caring, calm, confident and not the least, credible in terms of being experienced, qualified and possessing good understanding of the technique of swimming.
  6. Know about the time-period and intensity of swimming training sessions: whether your child has a schedule that permits him enough time to train and recover from training tiredness.
  7. Know about the camp’s safety of the swimming pool: Ensure that the alert Life-saving guards with complete life-saving equipment are employed round the clock at the pool site.
    • Ensure for the ladder (with handrails) at both sides of the pool with the width of at least 3 inches.
    • Licensed electrical equipment with safety codes should be installed.
    • Proper marking of the water depths is made and depth of the pool to be enough required for diving.
    • Fencing all around the pool and at least 6 feet high is to be looked for.
    • Water rescue devices and first-aid supply close to the pool.
    • Use of non-slipping materials all around and in the pool such as pool deck, ladders, diving board etc.
  8. The quality and quantity of food and snacks given:Ensure that they are nutritious and well-balanced.
  9. Know if the swimming camp chosen has certifications and awards:Awards and certifications are useful and motivating too. So getting a certificate is always an inviting factor.

Give a final thought, keeping above listed points in mind and plan best swimming camp for a great summer vacation!

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