Adapt These Eight Habits to Become a Super Swimmer

To become their best self during the swimming meets and to compete longer at the highest level, the super swimmers are enriched with some of the good habits. Adapt these habits to aid you in performing better each and every time and be sure to be crowned as the Super Swimmer.

1. Display Swimming Potentialities Well

Swimming for the super swimmers is as important as is the breath for life. If you wish to be one, you ought to display your swimming potentialities to the maximum.

  • Give priority to this sport over all other tasks in their life and are therefore good at it.
  • Adhere strictly to the daily schedules of training, practice, exercises and everything else required to be a super swimmer.
  • When it’s time for practice, practice skills for a super goal – to become a better swimmer every next hour, next day and next meet.
  • Do all sorts of training sessions so as to excel in all types of strokes, not limiting to a single stroke.
  • Push hard to hold your breath for a whole 50.
  • Train your body to maintain dolphin kicks off every wall in a race and endure hard to finish extra miles.
  • Wish eagerly to break old records and set new ones.

2. Coaches are Best Resources, Communicate With Them

Coaches aid you to become better swimmer each day, so you should talk to your coach about your specific needs.

  • Schedule a new plan that suits you – according to your diet, your weight, your lag behinds and span of training periods.
  • Try to get individual attention of the coach and follow his/her advice religiously.
  • Your coach should have a clear understanding of your perspectives, and only then he/she would be able to help you in becoming a super swimmer.

3. Ask Your Queries

  • Enlighten yourself by asking queries to the coach without any hesitation.
  • If you do not wish to interfere and prefer remaining silent during the hours of training, then discuss outside the training sessions about the activities the coach has asked you to do, the reason behind doing them and their significance.
  • You can also seek answers to your curiosities by exploring books & internet, and listening and talking to experts.

4. Keep Your Brain Active During Training Sessions

  • Entering the pool should trigger your brain; try to transform your bad habits into good ones and good into best ones.
  • During practice sessions you have ample time; you can do repetitions endlessly to switch onto good and best habits while leaving behind the bad ones.
  • Be aware of your stroke count. You should keep a close watch on when and how to take turns, where your hand holds the water, how long you need to stay under water holding your breath, what’s the right technique and where do you go wrong.
  • Ask your coach to observe you while swimming and tell you about your improvement areas, the recommendations to be incorporated in your swimming in order to excel in swimming.
  • Ensure that the coach’s recommendations are implemented by you in your daily training sessions.

5. Develop Team- Spirit  

  • With whom you share the pool during your training sessions definitely knows both positive and negative aspects of your swimming and thus, can aid you to perform better.
  • Develop the team-spirit for your own progress. Encourage your team mates if they don’t perform well and cheer them up if they perform well.
  • Endeavour hard to beat everyone in your team during practices as well as meets, but at the same time have good terms with everyone.

6. Go For Extras

  • To be recognized as different from others with unique potentialities, one needs to put some extra efforts.
  • Go for extras every day, whether it is swimming extra miles, exercising a little more, doing yoga, push-ups or having longer training sessions.

7. Sleep/Resting Period  

  • Have enough sleep every night to give sufficient rest to your mind and body.
    Recovery is fastest during sleep.
  • Your body gets charged up again for heavy schedules of training sessions of swimming after a sound sleep.

8. Opt For Well Balanced Diet And Lots of Fluids

  • Body – being an engine requires best fuel from time to time to function properly.
  • Swimming is one of the sports, which makes use of your body the most and you will lag behind if it is not well fed.
  • Opt for a well-balanced diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables along with good hydrating liquids, and say no to junk foods to own the title of a Super Swimmer.

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