Are you Ready for Khelo India?

An initiative that promises a sporting revolution, where participation of thousands of deserving athletes across different sports is expected, Khelo India, is the most important event of the year!

For Swimmers, Khelo India has come about to be that important event in an otherwise off season!

Here are the top 5 last minute nutrition hacks that shall ensure topping up of nutritional stores for the competition.


Although carbohydrate loading as a protocol is not practiced any longer, having higher than regular amounts of muscle glycogen stores is they key to sprint performance. Muscle glycogen is the preferred source of fuel especially during 50-400m races. Usually, a high carbohydrate diet, 3 days before the race coupled with taper/ rest is ideally sufficient to increase muscle glycogen stores about 0.5 times more than usual.

What carbohydrates to eat?

Slow release complex carbohydrates such as all millets, red/brown/unpolished rice, whole grain pasta, sweet potatoes and various fruits!


Muscle strength and muscle power are dependent on the total skeletal muscle mass present inside of the body. Although too short a period of time to increase muscle mass, it is important to consume good quality high biological value protein throughout the three main meals for at least 1 week-10 days before the event. This just tops a pool of amino acids that is further essential for recovery, immunity, energy metabolism and muscle building of course.

What proteins to eat?

Meats especially lean, eggs (whole and whites), sea food, dairy including paneer, milk and curd, soybean, tofu, quinoa, pulse/dal/sprout and cereal combination and mixture of nuts & seeds with milk


Some of you would be on a creatine supplement, so don’t forget to load your muscles with creatine before your competition day. For many, there is an easier trick- having foods that are creatine rich are the key to stack up your muscle creatine stores. Know this: Creatine is prepared inside our body through amino acids- so a good quality and quantity of protein shall help bulk creatine stores anyways.

What are creatine sources?

Meat including mutton, chicken, fish, eggs are all rich in creatine.

Beet Juice

This one’s my favorite! A shot of beetroot juice regularly 1-2 times a day can significantly increase nitric oxide reserves. Nitric oxide is released through the lining of your blood vessels and it does magic! It widens the blood vessels so that more and more nutrients can easily pass through and reach muscles at a quicker rate enabling faster and continued supply of energy- so crucial for sprint performance.


Most of you will travel from different parts of the country to Delhi and there will be weather, more precisely temperature transitions. It is of utmost importance that you are well hydrated. Train your body to hydrate at specific times to fulfil the daily quota of water requirements.

As a general thumb rule:

1h pre-training: 500ml of fluids

During training: 50-150ml per 15-20 minutes

1h Post-training: 500ml of fluids.

All the Best!

Author: Mihira A R Khopkar

B.Sc. Dietetics, M.Sc. Sports Nutrition


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