Fun and Excitement at the FINIS Swim Meet

The days nearing the swim meet, FINIS Karnataka State Sub-Junior and Junior Aquatic Championship – 2015, might have seemed jittery all the way, but the day of the meet was much more fun than one could have visualized! Lively parents, determined coaches, enthusiastic competitors, the clear announcements by Satish that sent chills down the spine, loud cheers, food stalls and what not! One could simply mistake the event for a school fair, but yes, winning performances did remain the big thing.

Having taken place in the city’s premier swimming centre, the Basavanagudi Aquatic Center, Bengaluru, and spanning over a period of four days from 8th to 11th June, the event was a well-organized, exciting experience. With the bright sun playing hide-and-seek with clouds, the weather made all efforts of training completely worth-it and set the right mood for the participating swimmers to give their best.

While the homely breakfast and beverages stocked up the energy for the folks, what could have been more fun for the parents than to cheer-up their young performers as they re-lived their college life! The non-participant-younger-kids took the greatest advantage of yelling their lungs out and cheering up their idol swimmer siblings along with coaches and teammates.

Despite the anxiety of the competition, the kids socialized with other kid swimmers belonging to the same age group – made friends, shared jokes and experiences, laughed, played games as they waited for their turns to perform. Parents too made most of their time socializing with other parents and watched the performers as they bagged Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals, qualifying them for the National-level championship.

The organizers never let the spirits down as they conducted Swimming Quiz competitions that rewarded the most knowledgeable players. The crowd hailing from different parts of the state danced as one on the stage, to the tunes of thrilling Hindi and Kannada songs with Cameras and Drones to capture their every move.

The best moments of the meet were when the resounding rounds of applause filled the place while the performing candidates accomplished goals, set new records and received awards and medals from honourable ministers– moments of pride for achievers, parents and coaches.

Setting five new meet records, Damini K Gowda set a record time of 29.89 in 50M butterfly beating the four-year long record of Arhatha Magavi at 30.17. Sanjay CJ ended 100M freestyle in 55.22 seconds while Malavika V swam the 100M freestyle with a record time of 1:00.22.

Sheer competition at one end and excitement at the other, for performers with raised bar of expectation, there is no better remedy than making the swim meets perfectly enjoyable!

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