Heard of Ice Swimming? Look for 2019 IISA World Championships at Russia

Ice-swimming – new discipline in the open water swimming where swimmers will swim in temperature between -14c to -20c. The Ice-swimming events are part of winter swimming in Eastern Europe and Russia. During racing, swimmers are not allowed to wear any extra swimsuit or costume other than standard swimwear, goggle, and swim cap.

Ice swimming helps in reduction of fat burn in heart and eases depression and poor mental health. Jumping directly into cold water could give cold shock, asthma, and hypothermia because of extreme shivering in the water.

International Ice Swimming Association is organizing IISA World Championship at Semyonovskoe Lake, Russia and the events include 1000m Freestyle, 50m Freestyle, and 100m Breaststroke. More than 400 swimmers from 34 different countries will take part in the championships.

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