Indian Swimmers in the 6th FINA World Junior Swimming Championship-2017, Indianapolis(U.S.A)

The 6th edition of the FINA World Junior Swimming Championship is all set to be staged in Indianapolis(U.S.A). The events kick-off next week from the 23rd of August to 28th of August. Around 630 young swimmers from across the globe will be taking part in the 6 day top-notch competition. This championship is open to female aged between 15-18 and male between 14-17 years. Events are scheduled to be held at the Indiana University Natatorium Swimming Pool on the campus of IUPUI.

Here are the Officials accompanying the Indian swimmers at the 6th FINA World Junior Swimming Championship- 2017

  1. Kagathra Dhansukhlal
  2. Mohan Satish Kumar
Name Event Timings Rank
Lohith M Men 100m Breaststroke 01:10.12 56/71
Men 200m Breaststroke 02:27.82 40/54
Gokulnath V S Men 50m Butterfly 00:26.92 56/77
Men 100m Butterfly 00:58.39 50/63
Men 50m Freestyle 00:25.44 63/83
Men 100m Freestyle 00:54.84 61/87
Sadhvi Dhuri Women 50m Butterfly 00:30.29 53/72
Women 50m Freestyle 00:28.29 49/71
Women 100m Freestyle 01:01.40 60/85
Women 200m Freestyle  02:22.67  63/68
Khushi Dinesh Women 400m Freestyle 04:41.37 36/50
Women 800m Freestyle 09:35.93 32/36
Women 1500m Freestyle 18:17.10 16/20
Women 200m Freestyle  02:14.51  50/68
Mayuri Lingaraj Women 50m Butterfly 00:31.14 62/72
Women 100m Butterfly 01:08.59 53/63
Women 200m Butterfly 02:37.91 35/36
Women 100m Freestyle 01:03.29 68/85
Riddhi S Bohra Women 50m Breaststroke 00:36.60 41/52
Women 100m Breaststroke 01:19.90 43/54

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