Khelo India Youth Games: Day 4 Highlights - Yuga Birnale leads Maharashtra’s gold rush, Delhi, Karnataka follow closely

Yuga Birnale led Maharashtra’s charge with three medals today, including two gold, as the hosts maintained their domination in the pool over Karnataka and Delhi in the swimming completion of the Khelo India Youth Games here.


Of the 12 gold at the stake today, Maharashtra picked up four while Delhi and Karnataka took three each and Chhattisgarh and Gujarat claimed one each.


Yuga gave the hosts their first gold of the day in the women’s U-21   200m medley in a time of 2:32.75. She clinched her a bronze in the 200m backstroke, clocking 2:34.09 behind Gujarat’s Maana Patel (2:23,00) and Bengal’s Soubrity Mondal (2:29.80). Yuga collected her third medal in the 4x100 m medley as part of Maharashtra quartet, thanks to Aakanksha Buchade and Sadhvi Dhuri’s fine efforts.


After Maharashtra’s Kenisha Gupta clinched gold in a lopsided girls under-17 200m individual medley in 2:29.68, Vedant Bapna won the State’s fourth gold. He faced no resistance in the boys Under-17 200m backstroke final. He clocked 2:10.46 while Delhi’s Nanak Moolchandani and Telangana’s Jaswanth Reddy were second and third in 2:11.80 and 2:16.10 respectively.


Swadesh Mondal earned Delhi their first gold of the day in a well-contested 200m individual medley for boys under-17 section. The Delhi swimmer warded off a challenge from Goa’s Shoan Ganguly and D Adhithya (TN) in the last lap to clinch the top place. Mondal clocked 2:13.48 ahead of Ganguly (2:17.07) and Adhithya (2:17.28).


Anurag Singh and Kushagra Rawat won a gold each for Delhi late in the day in  800m freestyle in boys u-17 and U-21 sections respectively.


The results (finals):


Boys Under-21: 

200m individual medley: 1. Shivaksh Sahu (Chhattisgarh) 2.14.43; 2. Chandru P (Karnataka) 2.14.53; 3. Jagan Nathan P J (Kerala) 2.14.68.

200m backstroke: 1. Srihari Nataraj (Karnataka) 2.05.26; 2. Siva Sridhar (Karnataka) 2.07.53; 3. Anurag Dagar (Delhi) 2.12.20.

800m freestyle: 1. Kushagra Rawat (Delhi) 8.14.31; 2. Sushrut Kapse (Maharashtra) 8.36.89; 3. Vishal Grewal (Delhi) 8.59.91.


Boys Under-17:

200m individual medley: 1. Swadesh Mondal (Delhi) 2.13.48; 2. Shoan Ganguly (Goa) 2.17.07; 3. D Adithya (TN) 2.17.28.

200m backstroke: 1. Vedant Bapna (Maharashtra) 2.10.46; 2. Nanak Moolchandani (Delhi) 2.11.80; 3. Jaswanth Reddy Yannam (Telangana) 2.16.10.

800m freestyle: 1. Anurag Singh (Delhi) 8.48.00; 2. Sanjay Jayakrishnan (Karnataka) 8.51.92; 3. Shoan Ganguly (Goa) 8.52.38.


Girls Under-21: 

200m individual medley: 1. Yuga Birnale (Maharashtra) 2.32.75; 2. Firdoush Kayamkhani (Rajasthan) 2.35.94; 3. Kalyani Saxena (Gujarat) 2.35.95.

200m backstroke: 1. Maana Patel (Gujarat) 2.23.00; 2. Soubrity Mondal (West Bengal) 2.29.80; 3. Yuga Birnale (Maharashtra) 2.34.09.

4×100m medley relay: 1. Maharashtra 4.41.17; 2. Tamil Nadu 4.49.33; 3. Gujarat 4.49.86.


Girls Under-17:

200m individual medley: 1. Kenisha Gupta (Maharashtra) 2.29.68; 2. Shrungi Bandekar (Goa) 2.32.28; Kanya Nayyar (M.P) 2.33.19.

200m backstroke: 1. Suvana Baskar (Karnataka) 2.26.05; 2. Nina Venkatesh (Karnataka) 2.31.00; 3. Shrungi Bandekar (Goa) 2.32.84.

4×100m medley relay: 1. Karnataka 4.36.91; 2. Maharashtra 4.43.06; 3. Delhi 4.45.55.

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