Know All About Age Group Swimming

In order to ensure just and impartial competitions throughout, the swimmers are categorised on the basis of their age. It is opted to promote utmost participation, impart an educational experience and boost up the physical and mental adaptability to inculcate a fruitful and productive foundation of swimming technique.

Classifications on the Basis of Age (India)
For State Level and National Level meets conducted by State associations and Swimming Federation of India, the Age Groups are categorised as Sub-Juniors, Juniors, Seniors/Open Category.

Group Category YOB (as of 2016)
Group V & VI 2008, 2009
Group IV Sub-Junior Category 2006, 2007
Group III 2004, 2005
Group II Junior Category 2002, 2003
Group I 1999, 2000, 2001
Beyond Group I Seniors or Open 1998 and before
Masters Masters Above 25 years
• Group V and VI are usually considered for smaller competitions, non-medalist meets etc.
• Swimmers belong to a group for a span of 2 years only. Though Group I is an exception that lasts for 3 years.
• The first year in a group is usually referred as bottom year and the second year is the top year.
• For Group I they are referred as bottom, mid and top years.
• Calendar years (1-Jan to 31-Dec) are considered for Group categorisation.
• The above table represents Age Group Categorisation for the current calendar year – 2016.

Masters Swimming

  • Masters swimming is a competitive sport, having participants of the age of 25 years and above.
  • The eligibility may vary from swimming one-length of the pool upto a kilometer and there are many master swimming clubs, of which you can become a member.
  • There are different lanes for the national, regional/zonal swimmers and hobbyists, so that they can practice according to the requirement and comfort.
  • Individual swimmers compete within age groups of five years, determined by the swimmer's age on 31 December current year.

The age groups are as follows :

Category Age Category Age
A 25-29 years J 70-74 years
B 30–34 years K 75-79 years
C 35–39 years L 80-84 years
D 40-44 years M 85-89 years
E 45-49 years N 90-94 years
F 50-54 years P 95-99 years
G 55-59 years Q 100-104 years
H 60-64 years R 105-109 years
I 65-69 years So on at 5-year increments as necessary
  • For Masters Relay events, the age groups are determined by the combined age of the team participants in 40 years increments. This allows swimmers of very different ages to compete together in a team, as long as each swimmer is Masters (at least 25 years old).

The grouping is as follows :

Category Age
A 100–119 years
B 120–159 years
C 160–199 years
D 200-239 years
E 240-279 years
F 280-319 years
G 320-359 years and so on if ever necessary

Apart from the swimming meets organized by State associations and Swimming Federation of India, the age group categorisations for swimming meets at different levels are as below:

Competitions Category Age Group
CBSE Zonals and Nationals • Under-12
• Under-14
• Under-16
• Under-19
SGFI Nationals and Qualifying District & State Level Competitions Sub-Mini Below 11 years (5th Standard & below) - Usually this category is not considered for swimming
Mini Below 14 years (8th Standard & below)
Junior Below 17 years (10th Standard & below)
Senior Below 19 years (12th Standard & below)
Asian Age Group Swimming Championships • 18 years and above
• 15-17 years
• 14 years and under
FINA World Junior Championships (as of 2015) • Girls: 14 – 17 years as on 31 December 2015 (born 2001, 2000, 1999, & 1998)
• Boys: 15 – 18 years on 31 December 2015 (born 2000, 1999, 1998, & 1997)
FINA World Championships • 10 years & under
• 11-12 years
• 13-14 years
• 15 years & over
For School Level Competitions, usually the direct age categories are used instead of Group classification.

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