Lifesaving Sports: The Valuable Combination of Swimming Skills and Lifesaving Techniques

Learning to swim can prevent you from drowning, but could your swimming skills save lives?

Lifesaving sports is a sport that adds lifesaving skills to every swimmer in an attempt to
prevent aquatic accidents, lower and eliminate the alarming rate of deaths by drowning.
The lifesaving sports add value to your swimming abilities.

Learn the basic rescue technique, the skills to perform them aptly and be prepared for emergencies.

The Rashtriya Life Saving Society (India) is a non-profit organization that is involved in training modern lifesaving techniques. Organized once in a year, ‘Rescue INDIA 2016’ is a competition of swimmers, lifesavers and swimming coaches in lifesaving sports.

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Learn in detail about the lifesaving sports and its benefits.

 1. What is Lifesaving Sports?

Lifesaving is one of the world's most demanding, multi-disciplinary sports combining athletic ability with lifesaving skills and rescue equipment. It is the only sport where the skills learned for directly applied to humanitarian purposes are competition.

 2. Who is Eligible to Participate/ How to Qualify?

  • Anyone who is a swimmer and lifesaver and wishes to participate in lifesaving sports is eligible to join in for ‘Rescue India 2016’.
  • In the event that the participant is only a swimmer but not a lifesaver he may register and attend the lifesaving training which is scheduled from 25th to 28th May 2016 at Mumbai.
  • Coaches and officials can undergo a training clinic a day prior to the actual event on 24th May 2016.

 3. What is the Major Advantage of Lifesaving? 

A lifesaver is an emergency responder and is able to assess situations and provide immediate assistance to a victim in distress may it be on land or in water.

 4. When was the Lifesaving Meet Rescue India Initiated?
Rashtriya Life Saving Society (I) has been hosting Rescue India for the past 5 years.

 5. How frequently is the Lifesaving Meet ‘Rescue India’ Organized?
Rescue India is organized once in a year.

 6. Which Other Organizations Conduct Lifesaving Sports in India?
RLSS(I) is the only organization known to conduct Lifesaving sports in India.

 7. What are the Various Levels of Life Saving Sport Activities Organized in India? 

Being the key organization of Lifesaving Sport in India, RLSS (I) conducts various activities every year:

  • Splash N Dash (Zone-level) Competition to introduce Lifesaving Sport to rookie swimmers & lifesavers.
  • National level Lifesaving Championships on pools and at beaches.
  • National camps for Team India to participate in international championships.
  • Participation in international championships ike Commonwealth Championships, World Championships,
    Asian Beach Games, etc.

 8. How Can Other Pools/ Clubs Get Involved in Lifesaving Sports?

  • Become ‘Pool Partner’ with RLSS (I) to turn into a lifesaving training centre.
  • Train your coaches in level 1 certificate course of life saving sports by RLSS (I)
  • Add up LSS sessions with advance & competitive batches as per RLSS (I) frame works and create ‘Rookie Life Saver Club’ to represent your name in competitions.
  • Purchase or rent out LSS equipment from RLSS (I) for practice sessions.
  • Participate in events organized by RLSS (I) & give your facility visibility on district, state, national international level.

 9. Milestones of SLTC Y & SLTC W In Lifesaving Sports

  • Splash N Dash @ SLTC Y
    1. Around 200 participants from all the parts of Pune participated in the competition.
    2. Facility was visited by over 300 spectators which helped to increase TRP of SLTC Y.
    3. Inclusion of Life Saving Sport Events with Swimming events created more entertainment to enjoy competition environment, and attracted more members to enroll with our competitive programme.
  • Participation in national level lifesaving events
    1. Because of the performance by SLTC athletes on national level, facility got publicity amongst other state clubs and pool managers.
    2.Felicitation of winners brought in around 100 visitors to facility and increased the number of competitive swimming batch by 20%.
  • National camp for Team India & medal at Commonwealth Life Saving Championships
    1. These achievements by STLC athletes brought in publicity through media.
    2. SLTC got name in competitive field which is the largest and all year round activity of any swimming pool.

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