M.S. Harilal, Ace Swim Trainer, Aims to Eradicate Death by Drowning Through Complete Water Literacy Programme

M.S. Harilal has been training for the past ten years for many in the model of the ‘Mashi Kulam’ (sea-water colour hence named Mashi Kulam) where training is given without the help of anyone else in the fathomless pond. It has to be considered that such a type of training is unique in the whole world. Within three hours Harilal completely trains the person to swim without any fear of water and by now he has trained more than ten thousand people, which is a world record!

M.S Harilal, who has manifested his own unique style of training in swimming, has organized this in his own one acre ancestral pond at Kuzhikkattusseri, Thrissur district, Kerala. This pond which has a 200 years history is called Mashi Kulam from time immemorial by people of this land.

The training programme named Complete Water Literacy Project/Programme conducted here, is absolutely free of cost.

Training projects like this if conducted in the rivers and ponds in Kerala by local bodies of that particular land would help improve literacy on water and this could prevent deaths due to watery areas.

The Complete Water Literacy Project/Programme

This project is manifested for a permanent solution to death by drowning.

By achieving complete water literacy we can eradicate deaths by different water situations like mud rich water, sandy water areas, rich with watery plants, strong under current water, deep water etc.,

Before learning how to swim the primary thing practiced here is to get rid of the fear of water. By this people will gain self-confidence. It is at this juncture we must understand the significance of the ‘Mashi Kulam’ (sea-water colour hence named Mashi Kulam) where training is given without the help of anyone else in the fathomless pond.

Learning Method

For those who wish to train (from 2 to 50 years of age), the methods are chosen are in accordance to their personal, physical and mental dispositions. This is absolutely a unique style of teaching swimming. The following are the different steps of teaching-

  • Based on each one’s mental disposition they are asked to sit on the sides of the pond
  • Children of 8-12 years of age are trained to lie floating on the surface of the water
  • Then they are taught to beat both hands in the water. Then both legs. (2-7 years)
  • Those above 12 years are directly made to jump to the fathomless water
  • They directly experience drowning as they are asked to jump directly. Due to this water enters into their eyes, nose, mouth and ears and consequently they are completely rid of water fear.
  • All these are done only after making them wear tight tire tubes around their body. Swimming tubes are less strong and that is the reason for using tyre tubes. Mostly tyre tubes of autos and scooters are selected and used for this purpose. The tubes will be tight so that it should not get separated from the body. Hence this method of training is hundred percent safe.

After this all the trainees are freely and independently let in the fathomless pond. Followed to this they are trained to swim beating both their hands and legs. Since they have the tubes around their body, the learners are completely devoid of fear and moreover gain self-confidence. Gradually, the air in the tyre tubes is released little by little. Then complete air is released off the tubes. They swim with the support of air less tyre tubes and followed to this without any tube around their body. It takes around 3-5 hours usually to get through this method of training. The trainer never gets into the water during the whole process of training. He gives instructions staying back on the bank of the pond.

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