Michael Phelps interacts with Indian Swimmers

A few swimmers enjoyed one of their best days in life as they experienced a personal interaction with arguably the world‘s best swimmer of all times Michael Phelps.

Truenorth Partners LLP  invited Michael Phelps for a private event and showed their magnanimity by providing the swimmers a once in a lifetime opportunity at Mumbai.

Top female swimmers Rayna Saldanha and Maana Patel with their club mates from Glenmark Aquatic Foundation Kiara Bangera, Vedant Bapna and Vedaant Madhavan were among the swimmers present.

One of India‘s young promising male swimmers Neel Roy and few other young swimmers were a part of this interaction.

Maana Patel who is chasing her Olympic dreams was pleased and motivated after this interaction. Maana a member of the Elite squad at Glenmark Aquatic Foundation is scheduled to take part at the Euromeet in Luxembourg from January 25th to January 27th 2019 to make an attempt to qualify for the FINA World Championships

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