Sajan Prakash Requires Financial Assistance to Undergo Training for Commonwealth and Asian Games

Sajan Prakash, the only swimmer from India to participate in 2016 Rio Olympics, requires financial assistance from the government to undergo training for Commonwealth and Asian Games. Sajan Prakash also looks for a possibility of selling his medals in order to gather funds.

In spite of being nominated for the Target Olympic Podium Scheme (TOPS), Sajan requires financial assistance for competing in international events. The TOPS programme, for which he was nominated, aims to identify and support potential medal prospects for the 2020 Olympic Games.

24-year-old swimming champion said, “I spent around Rs. 4 lakh from my pocket to participate in various events across Dubai, Thailand and Singapore in the last two months. Now I am all drained out. I have to participate in high-altitude training in Spain, for which I neither have funds nor a sponsor,” ”

Sajan’s mother, Shantimol, who is also an athlete, is sad to see Sajan running around places to meet people. “But now, with no option in sight, I suggested that he sell some of his medals to generate funds,” she added.

Sajan also sought for financial help from Union sports minister Rajwardhan Singh in a tweet, but received no response. “I am not here to make money. I want to make my country proud. But I can’t go on like this, without a sponsor or financial assistance,” he said.

Sajan has won six Gold and three Silver medals at the National Games Thiruvananthapuram. He had also won silver for India in the 100-metre butterfly event at the Asian Indoor Games.


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