Scientific Approach to Compete Swimming after Injury - Part-I

Pessimistic Feel Owing to Missing Some Days in the Pool

Being a distinctive competitive sport, swimming necessitates the movement of body in the forward direction through a different medium – Water. This unusual movement through water needs long training sessions to attain true bio-mechanics to push you forward and to have knowledge in the swimming pool. In case of injury, generally you miss out your swimming schedules. And not getting into water, even for a few days, restrict you to execute the perfect swimming you usually exhibit during your best swimming sessions/meets. You may be seen hopping inside the water due to lack of swimming practices. This variance is attributed only because of high balanced and neutral input needed during the implementation of this sport.

Why Neutral Input or Feel is Significant

  • Swimming is an adventitious as well as foreign sport. If a person, without any training sessions of swimming, happens to dive into water, will definitely drown, if not assisted.
  • Even if you jog after some days, your pulse rate increases. And swimming after few days means water rushing out of your body. You are not able to tackle the water properly, thus reducing your potential to control water and maintain your correct body position and posture. You find yourself lost inside the water and pessimistic feel dominates you.
  • But, as you continue to be inside the water, slowly your body adapts to it, enabling you to swim. The water feel, such developed will able you to control and maintain your hydrodynamic position inside water. It also assists you to reduce the drag and apply force to execute speedy or elite swimming.
  • Owing to higher density of water, even the slightest of currents will alter your alignment inside the water. Missing swimming practices due to any injury, will not allow you to control water, but instead, the water currents or waves will control you, moving you in the direction of flow of water waves.

Time-period Away from the Swimming Practices

  • Owing to injury, it’s advisable to be away from swimming practices for some time. As most of the injuries caused during swimming are of repetitive nature, health care medical practitioners won’t allow you to practice swimming.
  • But, swimming coaches, acknowledged with the significance of water feel for elite swimming, are not in favour to discontinue your swimming practices. They have a view that missing your swimming practices even for a few days will lower your swimming potential, the way and the speed with which you swim alters. And this matters a lot in case there are competitions ahead.
  • So, the type of injury and intensity of pain is the deciding factor, whether you opt for rest or continue doing light swimming practices.

In the next series of blog, we’ll discuss how to bridge the gap between health care medical practitioners and the coaches and how to follow a methodological approach to be back into the swimming pool in order to maintain the water feel to control water and maintain correct body’s position inside water.

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