SwimIndia - KSA Karnataka Swimmers Ranking* - 2017

SwimIndia in partnership with KSA is proud to announce the Ranking of Swimmers from Karnataka - SwimIndia - KSA Karnataka Ranking 2017*.

The current ranking is a consolidated ranking across age group for each individual event.
Separate ranking for each age group and events will be published soon.


 Ranking  Link
Consolidated Ranking - Boys & Girls, Eventwise View Here



*The ranking is based on the performance of the swimmers in selected meets during the year 2017.
The meets were identified based on set criteria.
The ranking is based on purely on the individual timings.
Currently this ranking will not be used for any selections, rewards or benefits.

For any queries or corrections, please write to contact@swimindia.in with all the details.

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This is very good. Few suggestions: 1. Please consider having this for other states and at national level also. 2. It'll be nice if you could add a column for year of birth. 3. Also, if you can separate boys and girls data files as they don't participate together. 4. Rankings can go in a database like it's done for tennis. I'm very glad to see that we have such data. Good luck.