Swimming: The Perfect Sport Ever!

We keep talking about performance enhancement and competitive swimming, how often have we given a thought on how swimming has really helped us? No, not just the physical and physiological benefits which are going to help you stay healthier for most part of your life, but also the psychological benefits.

Today’s article is an attempt to put forth the top 15 benefits of swimming! Here goes…

  1. Overall body workout: Every muscle of the body is used while swimming.
  2. Endurance: Swimming is an aerobic activity which enhances periodic phases of breathing in and out.
  3. Strength: Water acts as a resistance, so pulling and kicking against the force helps build stronger muscles.
  4. Healthy body weight: Giving both endurance and strength combination, swimming ensures a healthy body fat%.
  5. Tones muscles: It also helps provide definition to the muscle groups.
  6. Relaxation: Water acts as a medium to relax and swimming can thus help in better recovery from an intense workout.
  7. Co-ordination: With different strokes there is a different hand and leg co-ordination. This characteristic helps also co-ordinate other activities better
  8. Balance & posture: Swimming teaches us to float with a stronger core.
  9. Flexibility: The stretch and glide help enhance flexibility of muscle groups.
  10. Recovery from injuries: Hydrotherapy and water density which equates negligible weight in the water helps perform activities that are otherwise difficult to on land during a phase of injury.
  11. Better concentration: Staring at the ‘T Line” for hours and of course the co ordination of different strokes helps focus better.
  12. Alleviates mental stress: Swimming is almost like meditating, its relaxing nature can help calm the mind
  13. Endorphin & serotonin release: It boosts these wonderful hormones that make your mind feel good.
  14. Hormonal balance: It also helps improve hormone response and control.
  15. It Improves heart, lung function along with overall circulation therefore helps in the prevention and improvement in many disease conditions.

Now shouldn’t we all be glad that we are swimmers?

Author: Mihira A R Khopkar

B.Sc. Dietetics, M.Sc. Sports Nutrition


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