The Indian Contingent is All Set to for the Lifesaving World Championships Adelaide 2018

Rashtriya Life Saving Society India (RLSSI) is the only organization promoting lifesaving sports and its importance to the community in India. Lifesaving sports is one of the world's most demanding, multi-disciplinary sports; combining athletic ability with lifesaving skills and rescue equipment. It is the only sport where the skills learned for humanitarian purposes are directly applied to competition. Lifesaving competition provides opportunities to attract new participants to lifesaving programs, showcase lifeguards, and promote public awareness of drowning and water-related injury prevention aims. It tests a lifesaver’s skills in rescue, accident prevention and emergency care.

The Lifesaving World Championships are conducted every 2 years, showcasing excellence in surf sports and rescue; attracting the most talented and skilled surf sports and rescue people to compete for the title of World’s best.

Sl. No. Name Location
1 Abdul Rahil Chennai, Tamil Nadu
2 Aniruddha Patil Pune, Maharashtra
3 Javeen MU Mangalore, KA
4 Manoj R Vizag, AP
5 Nitin Visram Chennai, Tamil Nadu
6 Om Jagtap Pune, Maharashtra
7 Parth Gore Pune, Maharashtra
8 Sukant Hardikar Pune, Maharashtra
9 Sweekrith Anand Mangalore, KA
10 Thrishul Gowda Mangalore, KA

Team Coach INDIA LWC 2018 – Mr. Yashraj Tarkar
Team Manager INDIA LWC 2018 – Mr. Rohith Prakash

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